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The Editor

The new editor allows a much more fluent workflow, with component additions and edits keeping the original context.

The built in presets allow you to start off easily and customize as you want.

Move, resize, duplicate - everything is quick and easy.

Create your control surfaces in minutes right from your iPad

Version 4

Version 4 contains tons of new features.
Here's 20 of them:

  1. New look and feel

  2. In context editor 

  3. Jog wheel component

  4. Program change messages

  5. Powerful group edits

  6. Eight destinations for all components

  7. New MIDI core with MIDI 2 readiness

  8. Complex multi destinations for knobs

  9. New knob design for stacking

  10. New tab design, with color coding

  11. Quick mapping

  12. Radial areas for XY pads

  13. Better screen management for large iPads

  14. Easy to map piano roll for note mappings

  15. New templates and tutorials

  16. Redesigned help center

  17. New gestures for editing

  18. Improved value trackers

  19. Animated interactions

  20. Titled ranges for knobs


Sonic Logic has 6 built in components which you can use and configure.

You can also make component groups and bulk-configure them


Sonic Logic can connect to PC/Mac as well as other iOS apps.



(PC or Mac)

(iOS apps)

Virtual MIDI
(iOS apps)

Sonic Logic 4

The MIDI controller with a built in editor now does a lot (!) more


Sonic Logic 4 has more than 20
new features including a new UI, editor experience, new components and new ways to send out MIDI messages.


Download on the App Store
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