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Frequently Asked

Does Sonic Logic work with FLStudio / Reason / etc... ?


Sonic Logic sends out standard MIDI out, this makes it compatible with any program that receives MIDI. You do not need to make any special configuration to connect Sonic Logic to a certain DAW.

How do I connect it to a Windows machine ?
You can use 3rd party utilities that conform to Apple's protocols, like rtpMIDI.

What are the connection options for Sonic Logic ?

You can connect Sonic Logic in the following manners:
1. USB Connection (Macs only) - Run "Sonic Logic Central" on your Mac, connect your iOS device to your Mac and run the Sonic Logic app.
2. WIFI - Connect your iPad and computer to the same WIFI network. (Latency will depend on your WIFI latency so to get the best results try to create an ad-hoc network.
3. Bluetooth - Connect your iPad and your Mac using the Sonic Logic Central app (available in the "Downloads" page). Bluetooth connection requires a Bluetooth 4.0 capable iPad (retina models or iPad mini) and a Bluetooth 4.0 capable Mac running 10.9 + (Mid 2012 models or a Mac equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle).
4. Virtual MIDI - Turn on Virtual MIDI in the settings menu and control other iOS apps on your iPad.
5. Cable - Connect using an iPad to MIDI cable, you can also connect using the USB Camera Connection Kit, but make sure that you connect it to a USB to MIDI cable (USB to USB will not work).

6. Audiobus 3 - Launch Sonic Logic as a MIDI output device.

What to do if I'm experiencing disconnection on Sonic Logic Central?

Try removing all devices from your Bluetooth settings by going to the bluetooth icon on the top right edge of your screen and shift+option clicking on it. 
Select "Debug" and then "Remove all devices".

What is Sonic Logic ?

Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller for iPad. It allows you to create your own arrangements and control an external software, this software can be on your desktop computer, on your iOS or you can control an external hardware device using an iPad to MIDI cable.

Will there be an Android version for it ?

Not in the foreseeable future, though we would very much like to make one, there are currently no plans to develop one. There is a post on our blog with a rather lengthy explantation why.

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