New Features in Version 3

Multiple MIDI destinations

Buttons, Sliders and Knobs can send MIDI messages with multiple Control Change or note messages, allowing powerful control from a single component.

Connection Center & 

MIDI Logger

The new connection center screen holds and manages all the outgoing communication in a single simple place. 

The MIDI Logger tracks all outgoing MIDI messages in real time.

Add Component Screen

Adding new components has been redesigned in Sonic Logic 3 and is now completely managed in this screen.

The control type selection panel is a new addition to the add component flow and the preset panel now better describes the current preset.

Tab Bar & Top Bar

The new tab bar interface is a fast and easy way to switch, create and manage control screens.

The new top bar holds all the edit tools in a single interface and adds real time MIDI message logging.

Better Support for Pro devices

Sonic Logic 3 takes full advantage of the large screen. Almost all components have been redrawn to fit beautifully on 10.5” and 12.9” screens and are fully scaled for large devices.

12.9” devices can work with two sizes - normal or large, both are fully scaled.​