Sonic Logic 3

Complete MIDI suite for iPad with a powerful built in editor.

Control Elements

Sonic Logic has sliders, XY pads, buttons, knobs and label elements.

Each element can be configured from simple to complex control options

iPad image
iPad image


Connect via WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, MIDI cable, Virtual MIDI or Audiobus

USB and Bluetooth connections are available for Mac hosts only.

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Mac running Sonic Logic Central app


Create your control setup right from your iPad

Sonic Logic contains an advanced editor so you won't have to stop your workflow

The editor supports up to eight different screens for a single setup, which can be switched between at any time.

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Import and Export

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Share your Sonic Logic setups with the world

Easily import Sonic Logic setups using iOS file system or by using Sonic Logic Central

Advanced Editing Options

The built in editor has an easy and powerful user interface designed to make the creation and mapping process as fast and fun as possible.

Easy and fast gestures perform powerful edit options quickly.

Preview mode allows easy MIDI mapping.

MIDi broadcast buttons allow transmitting mapped values easily.

Copy and Paste allows duplicating large components between screens and setups

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Intelligent MIDI mapping creates the next CC or note MIDI values for you to allow fast workflow

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iPad image
iPad image