Knob Lab 2

Knob Lab is a smart and powerful MIDI controller for iOS devices.

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Knob Lab offers simple yet powerful control of other iOS MIDI receiving apps, or external DAWs.



Knob Lab offers a variety of ways
to connect and control

Bluetooth - Knob Lab connects to Mac clients via super efficient Bluetooth connection

USB - Connect directly to Mac clients using a USB cable

WiFi - Connect to PC or Mac clients using WiFi

MIDI Cable - Connect using an iOS device to MIDI cable to any MIDI receiving machine.

Virtual MIDI - Connect to any MIDI receiving iOS app

Audiobus 3 - Connect as a MIDI sender device to Audiobus and control other iOS apps.


Create simple or complex controls.

Each knob can be configured to control up to eight different MIDI control change destinations at once.



Each MIDI control change destination can be set to various parameters - from knob ranges to destination values. 

Got an old device?

No Problem!

Knob Lab can run on iOS 9.3 so you can use an iPhone 4s or iPad 2 as a controller